Tobacco Cessation


The tobacco cessation programs are coordinated and managed by LAMP. LAMP Advocates recognize the physical, emotional, and lifestyle impact tobacco cessation has on people and that discontinuing tobacco use is a process and requires specialized instruction. Our programs are designed to assist members in quitting tobacco according to their current level of change.

Below are sample program options that could be available to employers/members:

Call it Quits

This program is an INTENSIVE Tobacco Cessation Program designed with the knowledge that becoming nicotine-free is a process that requires personalized support.  The program includes programming designed for the individual afraid of gaining weight, and perhaps has tried everything and still can’t quit:
  • Ongoing support from a Lifestyle Advocate
  • Personal Fitness Training Sessions
  • Registered Dietician Sessions
  • Option for Tobacco Cessation Aides

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Personalized support with a Lifestyle Coach
  • Tobacco Cessation Aides such as medication, patch, “shot”, and laser treatment are an option if member desires

Tobacco Education Course

  • 4 one-hour sessions
  • Offered at convenient times and locations
  • Eligible for Nicotine Replacement Therapies