Diabetes Care Management


GenerationsHP recognizes that people are individuals with different needs, and therefore diabetes management programming must include a multidisciplinary involvement that includes a variety of educational choices.

The Diabetes Care Program provides comprehensive diabetes care to employees and their families including the supplies, education, and expert help needed to stay healthy.

Each member with diabetes receives at no cost:

  • Glucometer and test strips
  • Individualized care plan
  • Individualized nutrition plan
  • Computer tracking of blood glucose trends
  • Literature and other information to keep informed
  • Support and programs on an on-going basis   

Diabetes Education & Lifestyle Programs

The following programs are available to all employees with diabetes and are also used as education choices.            

Diabetes Workshop

A two session evening program held monthly at convenient locations.  Gives a complete overview of diabetes care.  Topics include managing blood glucose levels, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, medications, nutrition and more.  This workshop is strongly recommended for those newly diagnosed or those needing a jumpstart to better control.

Diabetes Road Trip

A four session program held weekly at various worksites at lunchtime.  Covers healthy eating, monitoring, being active, preventing complications and coping with stress.  Informal, includes games and discussions.  Optional individual meetings following the session are available for meter downloads, nutrition discussions, etc.

Change For Good Workshop

A six session highly interactive workshop designed to educate and engage participants in their own process of lifestyle change. It asks participants to identify current problem behaviors that prevent them from reaching and maintaining their desired goals.  This workshop gives hands-on experience with tools, tips and strategies to change those behaviors for good.  These sessions are held in the evenings at a central location within the community.

Exercise Basics

Four individual sessions with a Fitness Specialist to introduce participants to different types of exercise and help individuals make physical activity a part of their life.

At Home Education

Members can self-study on their computer and online in many topic areas of interest for people with diabetes.  The learning modules can be completed online, by downloading a PDF file or by using the Power Point program on their computer.  Module categories include Medical, Nutrition, Being Active, and Behavioral Health.