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GHPower Suites integrates user-friendly health learning and management technology using Convergence Health.
Imagine Wellness, Well Done...
The Learning Center - A community-based program providing access to all employers, small and medium size.

About Our Programs

GenerationsHP is the integration of benefits and health management through a comprehensive approach utilizing “Behavioral Health” as the foundation by partnering Advocacy and Coaching at multi-levels for population management, and by building a community-based employer/employee partnership. Our model takes plan design and wellness integration several steps beyond what other employers are doing. One of the key aspects of their success has been bringing the administration and advocacy in-house and providing local community-based-face-to-face advocacy and coaching.

GenerationsHP serves it clients by consulting with the employer to develop the most accountable plan design and implementing an innovative model of health benefit programs by assisting in the development of community-based Centers for Health and Lifestyle Management. Our strategies for taking wellness initiatives to the next level are focused on the design and implementation of employer-provided wellness programs. Well-designed programs implemented by a team of professionals  with the dedication to foster a “people to people” concept create the employees’ “willingness to change” through improved health and lifestyle choices.

Our model is an employer-employee win-win. Cost savings and utilization shifts begin with healthier employees. With the right incentives and integrated approaches to disease management they consistently produce desired lifestyle changes that guide employees and dependents into healthier, more productive lives. 

The Center for Health & Lifestyle Management Wellness Programs consist of :


Medical & Disease Management

Integrated EAP & Behavioral Health

Tobacco Cessation

Pharmacy Advocacy

Diabetes Care Management

Nutrition, Weight Management and Fitness