Benefit Design

GenerationsHP is an innovative company focused on the design and implementation of employer provided wellness programs, which integrate Benefit Design with Health Management, Technology and a Provider Network. Below is a breakdown of our benefit design structure.

Benefit Enrollment & Qualifying Events


A Qualifying Event is a specific course of action to be completed by a Member to determine which Health Plan the Adult Member or Family Child Group is enrolled in for the Plan Year until the next Qualifying Event period.

Demo available upon request.


WellBucks Reward Program


WellBucks are Healthy Choice Rewards paid to Active Employees and Dependents enrolled in the Medical Program for participation in Healthy Choice Wellness Programs. Members that are non-tobacco users are also rewarded each year with WellBucks.

myHealth Passport


GenHP’s myHealth Passport, a Personal Health Record (PHR) provides members and their providers with secure, error-free and complete medical information in one safe place, quickly accessible in an emergency.