What is GenerationsHP?

Integrated Health Benefits + Integrated Health Management = GenerationsHP:  A “Positive Plus Outcome”

GenerationsHP is an innovative company focused on the design and implementation of employer provided wellness programs, which integrate Benefit Design with Health Management, Technology and a Provider Network.  GenerationsHP serves its clients by consulting in the appropriate design and implementation of the proven Manatee County Model of health benefits programs, and by assisting in the development of community-based Centers for Health & Lifestyle Management in other regions of the country.

Bob Goodman, founder of both GenerationsHP and the Manatee County Model, won the 2009 Benny Award for Innovation and Management of his health benefit design and leadership at Manatee County Government.

"Goodman Improves employee health and lowers cost with in-house plan."
   - Entrepreneurial Spirit, Employee Benefit News’ article

We Offer

Benefit Design
Consult with employer for accountable Benefit Design and Health Management Programs:
    • “MyChoice” Model of Accountable Benefits
    • Qualifying Events

Health Management
Provides Integrated health and wellness management programs on-site
Provides the integrated, multidisciplinary team for health management

GHPower Suites Integrates high touch technology systems for enrollment, Personal Health Records, Electronic Wellness Records and Gaps in Care

Provider Network
Through direct contracting Generations HP will create a local and cost-effective Provider Network which will improve patient relations and build community revenue.

GenerationsHP’s approach to integrated benefits and health management is a stand-alone proven model managed by the originators with a 4 year track record of reducing trend. Contact us today to explore how GenerationsHP’s proven expertise and resources can help move your organization forward quickly with the right mix of benefit design and health improvement support toward early and documentable success.